How to improve mobile app reputation

Working on your mobile app reputation is an investment in your brand and promotes customer acquisition. In this article, we will tell you how to improve your company's reputation in mobile stores.
Be sure to respond to user comments
To improve your reputation, engage with your audience. This is one of the most effective channels for obtaining feedback. Your response will be seen not only by the author of the message but also by other people. The structure and content of these dialogs creates the basis for a positive or negative impression of the brand.

Reading comments is necessary for processing them. Additionally, they can identify unexpected problems that you may have learned about much too late, or not at all. Here’s an example from Joom:

“From the reviews, we learn about the important nuances of customs or mail. For example, before, the Spaniards from Catalonia were sent notices in Spanish. Now, due to the political movement for independence, they are issued in Catalan, which Spanish-speaking people do not know "

Reviews are most often left by dissatisfied users or those who are very enthusiastic about the product. As a rule, users who are just satisfied do not speak out, as they take a normal service for granted.

Respond to comments in a polite and detailed manner. Always remain professional, even if the person in his statements is harsh and personal. Thank them for pointing out a bug or taking the time to share their opinion. After your answer, potential clients should get the impression, “This company employs competent and professional people who will help me in case of problems.”

You can read more about how to properly respond to negative comments in our other article.

Redirect angry users to support. A disgruntled consumer can become a brand advocate when they receive help to solve a problem.

If you receive insults or comments containing profanity instead of constructive dialogue, send a complaint to the administrators.
the procedure for submitting a complaint about a comment containing profanity in the Google Play service
Ask your customers to write a positive review
No company is immune from negative reviews. If bad comments outnumber good ones, you can ask your clients to leave positive feedback about you.

You can directly contact your consumers using messenger, newsletters, or email. Add a "Rate App" feature so pop-ups don't interfere with your work or cause negative responses.

You can offer users an additional bonus, such as a discount or temporary use of paid features.

Or, you can post a clickable banner on your website or social network. This can help you solve two problems at once:

  1. Promote your application.
  2. Prompt feedback where the brand needs it.
It’s essential to place it in a convenient place where it does not interfere with navigation. The banner should not be intrusive and not pop up every five minutes.
Include employees in this process. More incoming positive comments boost your reputation in mobile stores. Even if the application crashes and you receive a few negative ratings, your overall rank will suffer less.

The presence of positive and negative reviews indicates that the brand is not padding the rating with false comments. Too many extremely positive comments can give the impression that they are fake. It’s more important to have overall good ratings, so consider a strategy to motivate your audience to share their opinion about your product.

Follow the updates in the stores
Your efforts to improve your image may be useless if you disregard updates to store algorithms.
news that Google Play will no longer notify users of a successful software update
For example, in 2019, Google announced changes to Google Play Store rankings. Since last summer, the service has prioritized fresh reviews. If negative sentiment prevails, the app's rating drops, even if the majority of older comments were positive.
Respond to the most popular reviews with special care

Stores have algorithms that track useful reviews and show them first. This parameter depends on the number of likes, boosting most liked posts to a higher position. Such reviews are called “featured.”
display useful reviews using the option "only featured"
By connecting integrations, you will be able to choose the rating, the language, the sentiment of the reviews for processing.
If these are negative comments, they can drop your downloads. To remedy the situation, you need to bring positive comments to the top.
Always notify users about updates
Always fill in a “What’s new?” section when a new update is released. Besides attracting attention, announcements are a direct link with the audience. Maintain dialogue in your signature TOV (tone of voice).

Users respond positively when they see the update and bug reports because this is an indicator that the app is being worked on.
App evaluation as a KPI for support
You cannot improve the reputation of your mobile app if you don’t work on the quality of your service and products. Financial rewards for employees can be additional motivation to work on bugs and solve user problems.
Tag reviews for internal analytics
Create custom tags for reviews so you can get a sense of where to prioritize your attention. Let's give another example from Joom. Specialists created 13 tags that convey the content of the review: quality, support, delivery, and so on.

First, negative comments were tagged, since most often they have detailed text describing the problem. This helps to understand where the main problem lies. Based on the tags, you can build reports and analyze how the situation has changed in a week, month, or other time period.

Not all reviews are worth tagging. For example, meaningless comments like "Awful application!" or posts containing obscene language can be disregarded.

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Engage with your customers to improve your brand reputation in mobile stores. A negatively minded user can be turned into your advocate if you promptly respond and help solve their problem.

When upgrading, consider the opinion of your audience. Tell them what has been fixed or improved in the description of the new version. This will demonstrate that user opinions are important to the brand, both increasing audience loyalty and incentivizing users to leave future comments.

Ask your customers for feedback on social networks, your website, or by sending an email newsletter. Or, create an unobtrusive banner asking users for their evaluation of the app.

A pop-up window asking to rate the product only works with loyal users. In other cases, it can harm your reputation.

Consider your mobile app as one metric for evaluating the effectiveness of your development strategy and support service. This will help improve product quality and customer service.
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