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Having online feedback about your company increases customer loyalty and trust. There are many ways to get feedback. You could establish an electronic mailing list and request responses from subscribers, add a feedback form to your website, and many other options. You can also register your brand on third-party review sites. This is often a quick, free, beneficial process. Review sites are well indexed by search engines and allow users to easily find relevant information about your company. We have compiled a list of top review sites for business that will help you get as many reviews as possible.
10 best review sites
Our review sites for businesses include 10 sites where your company must have a profile and a high rating.
1. Google My Business
This is a free tool for businesses in any industry. After registration, your company information will appear in search results and Google Maps. Potential customers can find you easily from any mobile device or PC.
Google My Business Company Card
Google's credibility and consumer trust makes this site excellent for increasing customer awareness and confidence in your brand. According to SimilarWeb, it was the most visited website of 2019.
Research results
2. Amazon
Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. For a huge number of sellers, Amazon is a primary source of customer feedback. In 2015, developers improved the review system for better review analysis, prioritizing the most useful information to users.
Amazon Online Store
3. Facebook
Facebook is a popular social network. In the US, Facebook sees 85.57 million users monthly. The company offers business profiles where users can review products and the brand can communicate with their audience.

Users have the opportunity to leave reviews about services or products.
Example user reviews of a company on Facebook
4. Yelp
Yelp is another major third-party review site. According to the latest data on the site, users have left more than 102 million comments.
Company card on Yelp
5. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is an online travel platform. Here you can find and book a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, and get information about interesting places all over the world. Users can leave feedback about a particular company or simply evaluate the quality of services in several categories, depending on the business.
TripAdvisor company profile
6. Foursquare
Foursquare is another one of the best review sites for business. The site is focused on local searches, enabling users to discover new businesses, places for recreation, and services based on personalized data.

Users can give points to companies whose services they used, boosting their profile. It is a powerful tool for monitoring brand mentions and getting customer feedback.
Search results on Foursquare
7. Yellowpages
Originally appearing in 1886 and printed on cheap yellow paper to keep costs low, the "Yellow Pages" were telephone directories originally from the United States. Within, services were listed by industry name, making businesses easy to find. Now, Yellowpages.com is an online directory where businesses can list their information and users can leave reviews.
8. Yahoo! Local listings
The service is similar to Google My Business. According to Search Engine Land statistics, theYahoo! Search engine receives about 10% of search traffic. Your brand will certainly not be harmed if you use this tool to collect feedback.
Yahoo! company profiles in local listings
9. Trustpilot
Trustpilot is a review site whose goal is to help consumers find reliable companies. The platform can increase organic search traffic, helping businesses get as many customers as possible. In addition, Trustpilot offers notifications of new reviews. More than 120 thousand companies are registered on the site, and traffic is increasing every year.
Company profile on Trustpilot
10. Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau is another review site. Its mission is to help people find safe and reliable companies and service providers. Company profiles contain brief information, ratings on a scale from A to F, and positive reviews or customer complaints.
Specialized sites for different categories of business
We also compiled review sites for business by profile categories.
For tourism and restaurant business
TripAdvisor, mentioned above, and Booking.com are the most visited resources by tourists and travelers.

Booking.com is a popular online travel reservation service for hotels, inns and private villas worldwide. The site has registered more than 29 million listings in 155 thousand locations. About 14 million users visit Booking.com daily seeking to book accommodation.
Hotel card on Booking.com
In addition to registration for hotels and apartments, the site offers an affiliate program for small businesses. You may add widgets, banners or a search box on your site. Each time a customer books using these tools, you receive a cash reward.

Trivago is a similar service for booking hotels online. The site compares the prices of hotels and reservation systems to offer the best option.
Hotel card on Trivago
Instead of being a standalone system for booking, Trivago acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

Uber Eats is a popular restaurant service operating in 24 countries. Users can find a restaurant or cafe and order food to be delivered at home, the office, or another location. Users can leave feedback about the company and evaluate the quality of food and service. Uber Eats became even more popular after releasing a mobile app.
Restaurant card on Uber Eats
Uber Eats helps entrepreneurs launch their virtual restaurant by providing a platform for customers to find their brand. Once your establishment is added to the listings, customers can place orders on the website or mobile app.
List of small business review sites
Influenster is an overview site for products in the beauty industry. Visitors search by brand name or specific product. Influenster also provides links to online stores where users purchased products.

Published reviews contain many photos and videos as well as a detailed review. If you have a beauty brand, ask your customers to review the purchased product on Influenster.
Review on Influenster
Citysearch is another trust guide for small businesses. The site features very user-friendly navigation, allowing users to find companies locally and by category: hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and so on. Citysearch has released a mobile app, boosting its popularity and visibility.
Review on Citysearch
Platforms for B2B business
Now consider our best review sites for businesses in the B2B industry:
1. FinancesOnline is a fast-growing platform for B2B and SaaS companies with more than 2 million monthly visitors. The site collects user reviews and each reviewer authenticates through LinkedIn to ensure the accuracy of the data.

2. G2 Crowd is designed for software companies. More than a million users visit per month. G2 operates similarly to Yelp, but exclusively in the software niche.

3. GoodFirms examines the quality of B2B companies. Ratings are based on customer reviews, company portfolio, work experience and site convenience.

4. Glassdoor reviews employers from the perspective of employees. Users can quickly find information about company culture and job quality inside a business.
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This list of review sites for business will help you collect feedback from a large number of consumers. This information will help you discover the strengths of your brand as well as areas that need improvement. Having reviews increases brand awareness online, which is especially important for young companies.

Once you've registered on all the relevant sites for your business, we recommend reading up on how to motivate your customers to leave feedback.
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