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Benefits of Customer & Brand Advocacy Campaigns

Boost your digital marketing with social proof and user-generated content
Gain more customers through online referrals & references of brand advocates
Get more reviews for your business and improve ratings to strengthen your online reputation

Customer & Brand Advocacy

Our team knows how to create communities of engaged customers. We will help you find and motivate your customers to turn them into brand advocates who can share their recommendations and support your brand. Our word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are crafted to deliver user-generated content, reviews, testimonials and referrals.
Creating brand advocates
Do you know all of your loyal customers? Are they talking about your brand online? Using social media monitoring we can find customers who have a potential to be your brand advocates, and set campaigns that result in brand mentions and recommendations.
Getting more reviews
We know exactly how to ask customers for reviews and improve your ratings in the process. We can help set up company profiles on major review sites and launch custom-built campaigns, inviting customers to leave a review with personalised messages.
Creating a community
Give voice to your customers by offering them an opportunity to contribute to your content creation and establish a closer relationship with the brand. We can create communities of loyal customers and engage them in brand discussions with promos, competitions and Q&As.

User-Generated Content Campaigns

User-generated content (UGC) is very valuable for businesses as it directly affects their search engine rankings and reputation. It includes all brand mentions on social media that contain a recommendation or an emotional response, as well as customer reviews. We offer two types of campaigns to help you build a strong online presence.
  • Positive brand mentions
    We can monitor social media to find potential brand advocates and create a database. This allows us to reach all kinds of social media users, from people who feel passionate about the brand and can recommend it to a close circle of friends and family to nano- and micro-influencers, and employ a range of strategies for working with them. Our user-generated content campaigns can include competitions or other forms of engagement that ask for customer participation and result in recognition from the brand or rewards, like discounts, certificates, or presents.
  • Reviews
    We can work with your existing customers prompting them to leave reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, etc. to improve your reviews and ratings. We make sure we reach them at the right time and personalise the messages so that they don't sound intrusive. At the same time, we focus on handling negative feedback. Negative reviews and comments can be turned into positive ones with the right response. As part of review management campaigns you get deep analytics and reports on sentiment, main customer drivers and barriers, competitors and top-performing platforms.

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