I hereby freely, on my own will and in my interest, give consent to the Brand voice Limited Liability Company, having the office at Mira street, building 5, lit. B, room. 10-N, Saint Petersburg, 197101, the Russian Federation (the "Company") for automatic and manual processing of my personal data listed below, and to use Internet services for such processing:
  • Name, Surname, (Patronymic)
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • The source that referred to the site (further - the Site) and data obtained from search or advertising links
  • Information about user's device (such as resolution, version, and other attributes of the device)
  • User's clicks, page views, populated fields, shows and views of banners and videos
  • Specific data of auditing segments
  • Session parameters
  • Information on the time of visit
  • User ID stored in cookies

Personal data is processed strictly for those purposes for which they are submitted, that is:
  • Filling the feedback form
  • Facilitating participation in events and surveys organized by the Company
  • Sending Company news
  • Implementing powers and duties assigned to the Company by the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Other purposes after obtaining consent of the User

The Company stops processing personal data in the following cases:
  • when the conditions for stopping the processing of personal data occur, or upon expiration of agreed time
  • whenever the goals of processing are attained, or if such goals are no longer needed
  • upon request, if the personal data being processed was not obtained legally or are not needed for the declared purpose of the processing
  • in case illegitimate processing of personal data is discovered, if it is impossible to ensure legitimate processing
  • upon expiration of the term of consent for the processing of personal data or in the event of such consent been withdrawn, if no other legal grounds for personal data processing are available under the Law of the Russian Federation
  • in case the Company is liquidated

This consent comes into effect from the moment when I enter the Site and shall be valid for the time period established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.